9 of 9 with Rowena Reay of Union Square

Bringing my 13 yo son up reasonably unscathed with a genuine appreciation for humanity and the world we live in.Read more

9 of 9 with Melissa Philips of Cartel Food Co.

Quitting my corporate life in the city, downsizing and moving to Martinborough with my wee family.... best place ever to raise kids! Then starting our business the Cartel Food Co. I haven’t workedRead more

9 of 9 with Karina Hailwood

My 4 children Kayleigh (24), Madi (21), Lola (7) and wee Poppy (5). Read more

9 of 9 with Daniel Phillips

Becoming the vineyard manager at Luna Estate Read more

9 of 9 with Michelle Hight

My 3 beautiful children are all strong minded and independent beings each with their own individual spirit.Read more

9 of 9 with Shawn Brown from Muirlea Rise

My Daughter Rachel Read more

9 of 9 with Lisa Coney

Three healthy, happy children.Read more

Summer Pix Competition 2018

Thank you so much to everyone who entered, without you this wouldnt happen!   It was a great turnout last night - wow!  Thank you so much to the Judges, Karen Gordy, Lance Redgwell, FionaRead more

9 of 9 with Baptist Sieber - Colombo Winemakers

Having morals and standing by them, no matter the consequences.Read more

9 of 9 with Rachel Priestley - Prodigal Daughter

Mastering the art of cured meats.Read more

9 of 9 with Kurt Portas - Palliser Ridge

Buying a piece of land in Pirinoa.Read more

9 of 9 with Jackie Woodhams from Micro Wine Bar

Making Micro a friendly local bar and managing to work with my husband 24/7 and still both have a sense of humour.Read more
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