Prodigal Daughter


Prodigal Daughter's Deli is now open from Thursday’s through Sunday’s selling prodigal daughter, Wakelin house, Local Wairarapa olive oils and others, and Italian!

Food and wine was Rachel Priestley's life for 10 years in Italy. Having opened six restaurants in Italy, and helped train Italian chefs, it was time for her to bring the true tastes of Italy to her home country. Rachel will offer you fine Italian food and wine as well as our own local wines and the best local produce. Most of all, she will offer you the hospitality of Italy – where food, wine and conversation are as important as breathing the air. 

With skills learned in Italy, Rachel produces traditional Italian-style salami products (cured meats). Her Tasty Pig Parts are made from happy New Zealand pigs and preserves are made from local organic products. If you don’t have “Italian time” to stop and eat at Prodigal Daughter, you can take something home from her deli selection.

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