9 of 9 with Mel Young from Martinborough Apothecary

1. What is something that you have achieved that you’re really proud of and why?
My qualifications in natural health.  I began my studies in 2013 to support my own health journey, now I am helping others to grow wellness with plant wisdom. 

2. What is one place you really want to visit and why?
The Amazon.  I was interested in a research program there prior to Covid-19, learning traditional healing from local Shamans. I would love to connect with indigenous healers and learn more about reading the bush and its powerful medicines.

3. If you had a million dollars to spend what would you do with it?
Establish organic herbal medicine and food farms, with a teaching program for communities.

4. If you had one super power what would it be?
Ability to fly.  An eco-friendly way to get around, and I still don’t have my driver’s licence!

5. Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?
My parents, Gloria & Gary.  My beautiful, caring Mum always encouraged me to reach my potential and do something important with my life. My Dad is intelligent, successful, humble and worked hard, setting the example for his children. He is always there with great advice.

6. Do you have any pet peeves? 
Licking your knife and spitting in the street - yuk!

7. What did you want to be when you grew up? 
A Cardiothoracic Surgeon - My Mum used to tell me this story of how my Granny in South Africa had met Christiaan Barnard, the famous cardiac surgeon who performed the first successful heart transplant. She had this photo and I aspired to be a surgeon like him one day.  I loved learning the sciences at school, but wasn’t all that keen on the reality of performing open chest surgeries.  

8. What’s the best part of living here in Martinborough/South Wairarapa?
The lifestyle is relaxed and slow-paced compared to city living. There is an abundance of green, nature, bush, rivers and wild medicines.  The community feels like an extended family.

9. If you could change one thing about Martinborough/South Wairarapa – what would it be
Extend the central retail hub beyond Kitcheners Street.

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