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Martinborough Village and surrounds have a huge diversity of people and property types. These range from the simple little cottage to grand estates. The history of Martinborough can be seen in its housing stock. Originally a staging post and farming hub for the outlying agricultural activity, the housing stock consisted of workers cottages, "town" houses for the "land gentry" and housing for the providers of services such a retail and mechanics.

As time went on some State houses were built and some expansion of private homes were built - these account for the 50's and 80's stock. Then came the grapes!

The advent of grape planting and wine making created a whole new industry requiring housing for the winemakers and vineyard workers. This industry then brought in tourism and Martinborough became a sort after destination for weekenders, retirees and service providers.

Available property for sale became sort after and in short supply - so along came the relocates!! These filled all the empty sections along with "new builds", these properties became homestays for visitors and weekenders for Wellingtonians looking for "time-out". Housing developments such as the Cottage Grove and Martinborough Estate also helped with further development. With the growth of permanent and part-time residents retail and leisure activities expanded to accommodate their needs.

Our housing stock is now a broad portfolio of exciting "little & large" properties ranging from $200,000 to over $1,000,000.


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