Fresh as a Daisy was started in December 2015 to meet the growing demand for high-quality, timely and professional laundry services throughout the Wairarapa. Inspired by Katherine Monks, a self-confessed laundry nut, she has always been driven to provide excellent customer service.  Kate's husband Bill Butzbach, brings his engineering knowledge to Fresh as a Daisy. 

The Daisy Team are committed to providing quality laundry services for boutique accommodation to higher-volume laundry needs.  Based in an upgraded commercial building two minutes from the Martinborough Wine Village, it contains a machine operating factory, a clean room for ironing/pressing/sorting plus a linen storage room. Secure drop off and collection sheds are on site to serve after hours requirements.   

E: | 06 306 8082 | 10 New York Street West, Martinborough, 
South Wairarapa 

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