Hand crafted Pinot Noir Grape jelly. Made from our boutique vineyard situated on shooting butts road in Martinborough. The jelly is made from our premium Pinot Noir grapes hand selected and small batch produced.

Kirsty Hawkins grew up in the Beautiful village of Martinborough Village and still lives there with her husband Jake and two beautiful girls. 

They have a boutique vineyard in Martinborough with 2000 Pinot Noir Vines. She makes Pinot Noir Grape Jelly from these vines. She has made this product for 13 years now for family and friends only but was finally convinced to make it to sell to the the public and she is now into her second year of production.

All the work in the vineyard for the year is done by herself or a family member if need be.  The jelly is made seasonally when the grapes are at the right ripeness in around March/April. The grapes are hand picked and bunch selected. It is small batch produced. Each pottle has written on the Label which row in the vineyard it came from. Very much vineyard to platter.

It is a versatile jelly which is a perfect accompaniment with cheeses, Meats (venison, chicken, lamb, beef, pork, duck, turkey, pheasant), & sweets.  Kirsty hand makes this Jelly with love for everyone to enjoy.


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