Winners! Martinborough Summer Pix 2016

Overall Winner "Bath Time" Michelle Hight

Summer is nothing without people enjoying it, and for that reason, this scoops the judge's top award. Whilst colour is so often a part of our summer landscape, the choice here of black and white adds enormously to the whole: beautiful textures to the bath, fence, blurred landscape beyond - and bringing clarity and focus to the pure enjoyment captured in this summer time image. Delightfully real, fun, and a simply lovely representation of summer in our region.

Michelle is the lucky winner of a night for two in a lakeside cottage at Peppers Parehua, with breakfast & dinner included, a cheese platter from C'est Cheese, sweet treats from Sweet Kitchen & Delights and a massage at Spa Boutique Parehua.

First Runner up "Te Muna Road" David Hirst

This impresses all round. A technically sound shot, with great composition. It speaks to witness of the solitariness, dreaminess and silent display of scale and structure of our classically Kiwi, classically Martinborough summer landscape at end of day.

David wins a night for two in a Studio at Brackenridge, including breakfast, a head, neck & shoulder massage for two and a bottle of Brodie Estate Columbine Bubbles.

Second Runner up "River Friends, Summer Days" Rochelle Holloway

Gorgeously honest and intensely fun. What can be better than the combination of dog, kid, a stick and water, and Rochelle has captured this beautifully. It's a shot that makes one smile, and it's unmistakeably, iconically summer.

Rochelle wins a Lunch for two at Pinocchio Martinborough + a fabulous $150 voucher from Jayah With Soul

Most Vibrant "Sunrise in the Flower Garden" Jared Gulian

Vibrancy isn't necessarily the total amount of colour in an image, more the strength of personality of those things in subject and the part they play in the whole. Jared's entry proves this, with intensity of colour in the flowers not taking up all the 'real estate', yet delivering powerfully for their small scale in an image evocative of impressionist art.

Jared wins a bottle of Cambridge Road Animus Magnum & $70 Scarlet Voucher

Best animal shot "Sylvia in Martinborough" Amanda Goodman

Quite a range of heart-warming shots in this category, but this one really made the judges smile - along with the goat, or maybe just at the goat. It also impressed for composition, focus and the warming light, colour and shade in the background. Bar the subject focus, it's almost suggesting the goat photobombing an attempt at a nice landscape shot.

Amanda wins a D'vine Hair & Beauty $100 voucher + $20 Beautifully You Voucher + Alice's Tea Party package for 8.

Best Shot of Children "Pool Fun: Rochelle Anonopoulos

Simple is often better. There's no busyness in this image - the clean and simple depiction of kids in water, and the expressions on their faces, tells an honest, uncomplicated story of summer fun. We loved the perspective too, and the contrast of defined lines and light on the faces out of the water with the swirl, waviness and depth beneath.

Rochelle wins a
Wine tasting for two at Colombo Winegrowers plus a magnum of Colombo Rose + Drunken Nanny Gift Pack.

Best Sunrise/Sunset " Ever Winding River" Pip Wilkinson

There's no shortage of great sunrises and sunsets in our neighbourhood, and the volume of entries reflected that - making it extra hard to select a clear winner. The shapes and lines more than colour pull this up the top for us, allowing the sunset to emphasise a story of presence and journey rather than being the focus itself. Excellent composition.

Pip wins a Green Jersey Full day bike tour for 4 + Martinborough Brewery Tasting Paddle for two.

Peoples Choice "Martinborough Hotel at Night" Harrie Materman

Under 13 overall winner

George entered a numb er of strong images in the theme of views from horseback or people on horseback. This stood out. Nicely captured motion of horse and spray, with the lovely addition of the smile of the rider adding plenty to the overall emotion of the scene. Decent composition within the sometimes limiting instagram square format.

Judges Decisions

In Summary
The same judging panel convened again this year to take on the challenge of assessing several hundred images from many enthusiastic entrants that portray the best aspects of our region in summer.

In agreeing to judge again, clearly not one of us recalled how tough the decision-making was last year, or else we might have politely declined and headed for the hills! This year, as it turns out, was no different, with some careful consideration and re-evaluation required in nearly all categories to finally settle on the winners.

In the judging criteria, we held strongly to meeting the brief of summer vibe, with technical and compositional aspects being important, but not the overriding factors for success in what is ultimately a recreational competition.

Overall, there was a high standard of entries across a wide range of subject matter. It's testament both to the breadth and uniqueness of perspectives of the individual eye, and also the rich variety of scenes and subjects available right on our doorstep.

Well done to all entrants for your individual contributions to a full and excellent representation of what summer in our great place means.

Our Judging Panel: Brooke Hoskins, Pete Monk, John Casey, Emma Mehlhopt


Huge thanks to our judges for their time and expertise, Peppers Parehua and Wairarapa Building Society - our major sponsors and to all businesses who have supported this incredible competition. This competition is about community coming together to celebrate all we treasure about our beautiful region and share it with the world.

Lastly a huge thanks to everyone who took the time to enter their images of Martinborough in Summertime enabling us the unique opportunity to showcase our region through your eyes, showing us images and insights sometimes not seen before. This is it people, Martinborough in Summertime as you see it, put together by us to caputure your special memories we can all enjoy for years to come.

Thanks to our amazing sponsors: Peppers Parehua, Wairarapa Building Society, Brackenridge Country Retreat, Jayah With Soul, Pinocchio Martinborough, Tirohana Estate, Cambridge Road Vineyard, C'est Cheese, Sweet Kitchen & Delights, Brodie Estate Fine Wines, Thunderpants, Colombo Winegrowers, Mint at Martinborough, Red Bicycle Martinborough, It's Quite Cool, The Village Cafe, The Lolly Jar, Martinborough Manner, Green Jersey Cycle Tours, P&K Martinborough, Micro Wine Bar, Murdoch James Estate, D'Vine Hair & Beauty, Beautifully You, Martinborough Brewery, Spa Boutique Parehua, Scarlet Martinborough, Siam Kitchen Thai Restaurant, Jessica's Living Room, Alice's Tea Tray, Alexander Vineyard, The Drunken Nanny, Lot Eight Olive Grove and Jared Gulian.


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