Announcing the MV summer pix 2015 winners!

1st overall winner & 2nd people's choice

"Strolling through roadside fields of gold in Martinborough" from Natalie Gascoigne entry 128

The judges found
in this an evocative sense of connection with nature and summer; a contemplative appreciation of something as simple as wandering through tall grass. There's a free-and-easy, slow summer pace about it that makes you want to stop and stick your toes into it too, rather than drive on by. Lovely composition and technically well-delivered.

2nd overall winner

"The perfect Wairarapa evening" from Esther Bunning entry 226

Dreamily summer in style and execution, with a story to warm the heart in depiction of family having just good ol'-fashioned fun outdoors of a summer's eve. Beautifully crafted and emotive, it's a stand-out.

3rd overall winner & 3rd people's choice

"End of the day" from Jannelle Preston-Searle entry 71

This could have been a contender in the best kids' category, scenic, even sunrise/sunset. In the end, it's the combination all of those that place it in the top list. Lovely homage to summertime, with pastel evening palette and the great composition with the kids contemplating the big vista that typifies our region.
"Milky way over Ngawi" from Evan Davies

The judges noted the strong showing of this in the People's Choice. It's a gorgeous shot. Technically spot on, and compositionally elegant. It didn't perfectly meet the summery theme of the comp, but is well deserving of an award.

Best animal shot

"Daisy bank farm" from Wim Materman entry 216

In a rural environment, taking a picture of cows is easy pickings. Which makes it even harder to stand out. We loved the unique perspective and creative approach brought by the frame-within-a-frame idea, which tells a further story.

Best sunrise/sunset

"A day on the river" from Rhona Lovell entry 39

Lots of entries for this. Any photographer will tell you it's not that easy getting that spectacular scene and colour you see in your eye into the camera. This shot had a calm serenity about it, with no super-hot, 'fried egg' sun, and a touch of added interest with the boat bow at bottom.

Best children's shot

"Cooling off" from Amanda Ra entry 193

The sheer fun of timeless summer entertainment – kids and a hose – drew the judges to this one. We also liked the interesting focus on the water as the subject for the 'we know what's coming next' aspect, with the unmistakable glee on the faces of the soft-focus kids.

Most vibrant shot

"Best grapes in the country!" from Emilie entry 129

With the prevalence these days of digital cameras and preset image processing tools, this category left the judges somewhat spoilt for choice. Vibrancy isn't just colour saturation, however, so we were looking for something where the elements of the shot and composition created intensity and a punchy richness of contrasting colour. This image hit the mark, as well as depicting a classic Martinborough vista.

Highly commended

There were tough choices for the judges. A number of images that didn't quite make it to the podium deserve mention and recognition:

Entry 223 - "A summer evening walk with my daughter Alice & our puppy Monsieur Cocoa" - Sarah Lee
Entry 100 – "You know summertime's not far away when Cruise Martinborough is here" - Tomas Libor Sapovalov
Entry 178.-."Little girl, lots of flowers" -Auriga Martin
Entry 192 –"Hay bales heading out to Marty on the Greytown road" - Paula Friday

Judges summary MV summer pix 2015

The enthusiastic engagement of the community in this first-ever competition for the region was a warming challenge for the judging panel. The sheer number of entries brought with it the unenvious task of selecting an inevitable few winners from a broad base of worthy contenders.

Our assessment obviously needed to be concentrated on the entry conditions – focus on 'summertime vibe', awarding based on originality, composition and ability to represent the region as a cool summer destination. With that, some entries ended up out of contention, and we'd encourage all future participants to keep a close eye on the requirements and submit accordingly.

Our thanks to all entrants for providing great images to review, enjoy, smile at and think: yes, what a great place we have here.
- John Casey, Pete Monk, Emma Melhopt & Brooke Hoskins
(MV summer pix comp judging panel 2015)

Congratulations to Natalie Gascoigne on winning 1st overall with her captivating image which we proudly present as "The image of Martinborough in summertime 2015"
The Martinborough village team wish to thank all entrants for the time & images which represent Martinborough so beautifully
Special thanks to the judging panel for their hours of work, commitment & professionalism in the inaugural MV summer pix competition.
We also acknowledge the many local businesses who donated such wonderful prizes & Peppers Parehua for providing the prizegiving venue.
Huge thanks to all who participated, we hope you enter again next time!
Click this link to view all entries on Pinterest & re-visit "Martinborough in summertime 2015"
Kindest regards
The MV team
"let us show you the magic of our special town"


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