MV Intro- Welcome to Martinborough

Welcome to Martinborough village!

We are a team of locals who wanted to promote the Martinborough town & region in our own style, so started a Facebook page in June 2014, just posting our adventures & excursions around the village. We set out to see what was on offer & share it with the world, one adventure at a time - posting about the cool vibe that is our village, day to day experiences of everything Martinborough has to offer & special cover of themed events.

There is so much to Martinborough ... much more than people realise ... much more than even we realised!

Quickly gaining a loyal following we began being invited to showcase events & gatherings happening around the village, which we then shared with our ever growing audience, so expanded our social media platform into twitter & instagram (yes we are social media freaks! - love this awesome way of communication & networking!) What better way to showcase Martinborough than with our magazine style social media posts - nothing contrived or "glossy magazine" style here, just peoples experiences from a local angle.

This has been the success of MV - the theme that people engage with. They feel a sense of ownership, local & tourist alike - we started hearing about MV everywhere we went. We ran a "shop local"campaign over Christmas 2014 with great success.

Seeing the Dominion Post summer pix competition, we decided to give it a go & run our own, thinking we might get a few entries ... We have had more than 200 & now have an amazing album of photos which depict Martinborough in summertime, we will run this competition annually as it has been so popular. Local businesses have got behind this with some incredible prize packages, people have come to Martinborough from all over the lower North Island & engaged with this comp. We've even had some entries from Australia! With Facebook Post reach of more than35K & an exhibition held at a local gallery, this has truly been a people's comp, your interpretation of Martinborough in summertime....your story packaged & presented by MV.

Some of our testimonials here:

"Thankyou for promoting Martinborough in such a cool way"

"I love MV, looking forward to every post"

"MV is doing such a great job of promoting the town, excellent job!"

"We love MV - we bought a house here because of it"

"I used to go to Greytown, now I come to Martinborough - love the nightlife!"

" I go to MV when I want to know whats happening in Martinborough"

"I bought this dress after seeing it on the MV page"

Our philosophy is to promote Martinborough with passion, we very much take the lead of the community on the structure of our forums. Spending many hours getting out talking to locals, visitors to the town & businesses. We have developed Ohio in Martinborough, a regular street party which has got so many people talking!
All this started from a chat on the street with a couple of business owners. We find a gap ... we aim to fill it.

Martinborough is truly a destination people love to visit, we plan to build on this in the best way we can & invite you along for the journey. There's a strong history here, we plan to bring you those stories, combining the old with the new..........(look out for our nostalgia section, coming soon). Our vision is wide, strong & sincere, we're in it for the long haul!

So today we announce our very own Martinborough Village website, another evolution of our commitment to promoting Martinborough with passion - we hope you enjoy the site. It is designed to be user friendly and is accessible on both desktop & mobile devices. We plan for this to be the main point of entry coming into Martinborough, this is for you, our followers & supporters ... everyone out there who loves Martinborough as much as we do, we thank you for sharing our vision & welcome you along for the ride as we continue our journey:

"We promote what we love & love what we promote"

Trish & Karina
Martinborough village
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