9 of 9 with Shelley Siemonek

1. What is something that you have achieved that you’re really proud of?

Owning my own business. Has had many ups and downs but after 12 years, I am very content and I guess proud of what I have achieved. It is good to provide as such a service to Martinborough. I have met a lot of great people.

2. What is one place you really want to visit and why?

A tropical island... Anyone. Relax and be by the sea to de-stress a bit... or a cat cafe

3. If you had a million dollars to spend what would you do with it?

Obviously pay off bills. Then a few close friends bills. Then help charity's. Money can be good and bad. Just enough to live comfortably is nice.

4. If you had one super power what would it be?

My superpower would be to stop depression. I have learnt a few tactics as such to help calm the mind. Meditation is good. Living in the now is what I recommend. The past and future are that for a reason.

5. Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?

My parents. Old fashion values may be that but there is a lot to be learnt from them. They definitely wiser... can't put old cause they might read this.

6. Do you have any pet peeves?

Rude people. A smile is free. Some people need to do more of it. We all come in the same way and leave the same way. Because you are wealthy doesn't mean you are better...see point 3

7. What did you want to be when you grew up?

A veterinarian. Until I heard they operate and there is blood involved. I was young, ha. I would still like to work with animals one day.

8. What’s the best part of living here in Martinborough/South Wairarapa?

Great weather. Great people. No hustle and bustle. No traffic lights or stress

9. If you could change one thing about Martinborough/South Wairarapa – what would it be?

This is a hard one. Id have to say to have a full functioning spca.

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Karina Hailwood
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Guest writer: Shelley Siemonek
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