Bloomin' Lou does it again!

Just be one thing

Oh the irony of me uttering the phrase ' just be one thing '. At this time of year we're all in serious debt to the sleep bank, Christmas, end of year at school, retail in overdrive - all of which conspire to make us... fairly foul.  At best.

Driving over the hill to deliver Bloomin' Lou bunches to city folk (cue banjo strumming) gives me quite a bit of head space to ponder and self-reflect. These are not necessarily constructive actions. Too much of those and one tends to arrive at an existential crisis - at this time
of year? Feck that!

However, I have this new theory that all we need to be is kind. Yep, one thing.  When tempers fray and you are much tempted to unleash the inner beast...be one thing - kind.  It's such a catch all - kindness covers off parenting, partnering and navigating through life's general bullshit yah?

I moonlight in both Human Resources consulting and retail work. Tie that in with this new business venture and it's fairly constant output at the moment. Maintaining my sanity is a challenge at the best of time although I take perverse delight in my often tentative grip on reality - which is a tediously long way of saying I am bit tired... Muuuuuuummm.  Anyhow, I'm trying to stay focused on, yep, one thing. BE KIND.   

Frankly, there will always be someone raining on your parade and I'd suggest most of us would have little idea of when we're (I hope) inadvertently raining on someone else's. 

Kindness is an ideal adventure sport - it'll demand the best of you when you really just want to walk away. It'll load you up with a post exercise endorphin hit and it's far more constructive than just milling about whining.

I loooove bullet points at the end of a sanctimonious waffle so here's a life hack of how to be kind 101:

  • Use your bloody manners - say please and thank you (don't leave clothes you've tried on crumpled in a heap for the retail staff to sigh over)
  • When your about to lose your sh*t at work - think - would I be ok with someone talking my daughter/husband/partner like that?
  • Make eye contact - if you're going to inquire as to someone's health; look at them and listen to the response when you do ask
  • When someone's losing the aforementioned sh*t on, near or around you - spray kindness like a tomcat on a brand new carpet then get the hell out of there
  • Kindness is the best kind of STD - socially transmitted discourse 

  • Can I practice what I preach - intermittently ... yes.... when all else fails? Why simply send 'em a bunch of Bloomin Lou.... Fail safe.  

Karina Hailwood
Creative Director
Martinborough Village 
Guest writer: Louise Jolliffe
"Let us show you the magic of our region" 
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