Bloomin' Lou by Louise Jolliffe

No Gerberas - ever. Soft, organic flowers full of whimsy

Bloomin' Lou is the product of an escape from Wellington, a love of whimsical flowers and objects --- and definitely procrastinating.  You won't find any Gerberas or succulents in my bunches but you will find natural scents, texture and occasionally the unexpected.  They're probably a pretty good reflection of how I've come to live in Marty and (slightly alarmingly) the personality of Bloomin' Lou!

Martinborough was a bit of a pipe dream for us  - my family that is - although my husband might divulge that I use the Royal 'We' far too easily.  To be frank, I'd reached the nadir of a personal sh*t storm and knew a sea change was required. I threw in my former life as an international HR harridan with ongoing post-natal depression and increasing loss of identity -  sold up most of our belongings due to a wee (read) epic financial curve ball and ran for the hills. That was two and half years ago and the recovery process has been...ummm...enlightening.

Cliches are just that for a reason - gardening is therapeutic, a mid-life GAP year and mindful approach does revive blown synapses! 

Yanking out weeds and nursing blooms through the seasons, dodging goats, dogs and seemingly endless streams of gorgeous village children all restored a sense of wonderment and delight in the simple things. 

It dawned on me that these were simple things people could take home wrapped in brown paper and twine!  Having beautiful blooms beside your bed, on your table or windowsill feels magical, indulgent and connected with life. ( Not bloody Gerberas though, they're only cute in Lego sets).

Mother nature humbles me daily in the mighty 'Rapa and the people of Martinborough have welcomed us with warmth and genuine friendship. That or they are bloody tolerant of Wellington refugees.

I hope you can feel that warmth and good humour in every bunch of Bloomin' Lou you see, smell and feel  xx

Bloomin' Lou Listing

Bloomin Lou's flowers will be available from Monday at P&K Martinborough

Karina Hailwood
Creative Director
Martinborough Village 
Guest writer: Louise Jolliffe
"Let us show you the magic of our region" 
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