Do you remember It’s Quite Cool on the corner near the Fire Station back in 2010? What about meeting us when we had our little Gelato shoppe on Kitchener Street ? Or maybe you’ve seen us parked at Te Kairanga for their Farmers Market or the many years we were there for Toast Martinborough? 

No doubt you’ve seen us lurking among the trees near the corners of the Square? Anybody come to that shipping container we tried last year near the Martinborough Brewery? I can just imagine people saying, ‘There they are again!” when seeing us on Martinborough side streets either avoiding the expensive fees of local festivals, or when we are hired for Hen’s Parties, Birthdays, Weddings and other events here in Martinborough.

Yes.... We most certainly get around! However, our home and main objective was to always be present here in Martinborough. This is where we wanted to live and this is where we first saw the need for an ice cream outlet. But we knew it couldn’t just be any ice cream. This town deserved a high quality product (like gelato from award winning Kaffee Eis) with exceptional service – and it most definitely had to have some personality.Luckily, the personality came easy - with me from Chicago boasting about leaving the craziness behind and singing out loud, "I am living the dream here in Martinborough!” 

Steve just humours me as my 'assistant’... oh but he adds so much to our business by picking up accents and encouraging tourists to talk about their travels and their homes.Which is one of the most fabulous aspects of our business! We get to talk to people all day long AND in an environment where they are happy. I’m a communicator and find the art of conversations completely fascinating and entertaining. I also like to be a bit cheeky (so I’m told), I can’t pull this off on too many adults though - so you can bet it will be on the poor unsuspecting child who peers inside my glass display freezer.
I mean no harm, and can usually gauge right away their comfort level. I just really want to see them happy and smiling. The gelato is usually what does it (truth be told) - but happiness comes in so many ways throughout my day. Mostly for me... I get to enjoy watching families and friends come together to make sweet moments into cherished memories. I love that!

I’ve met so many wonderful and supportive friends here (of all ages) and get to witness kids growing up to be respectful, beautiful teens and adults. And I always smile with tremendous pride and feel It’s Quite Cool to be walking around Martinborough and hear parents and children call me ‘The Ice Cream Lady’ - Karen Gordy, owner "It's Quite Cool".

Look out for the "It's Quite Cool" gelato & sorbet cart around Martinborough over the summer months. Sunny days around the square 12-6 pm. 

Trish Higginson & Karina Hailwood
Creative Directors, Martinborough Village 
Guest writer Karen Gordy
"Let us show you the magic of our region" 
enquiries to karina@martinborough-village.co.nzCopyright MV 2017


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